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Emmitt J. Nelson – ZII Associate 

Emmitt J. Nelson, President of Nelson Consulting, Inc. (NCI) has been in the safety consulting business since retirement from Shell Oil Company. Within Shell as Corporate Manager of Construction Relations Emmitt led a corporate emphasis on bringing contractor safety performance into line with Shell’s own employee’s safety performance. Soon after he retired from Shell in 1989 Shell retained Emmitt as a consultant to Chair the Zero Accident Research Task Force of the Construction Industry Institute, Austin, TX.  During the 18 years following this CII work he has maintained a close relationship with CII and has been involved in assisting contractors and owner across America in embracing the Zero Injury Safety Leadership Concept. Read more...


Bennett Ghormley, Sr. – Founder Bio

Mr. Ghormley has a BS Degree from Texas A&M University and over 35 years of experience in safety, training and construction administration. He is experienced in implementing safety programs involving commercial, industrial and municipal industries. He has conducted audits, investigations and inspections in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, for pipelines, water and waste facilities, manufacturing plants and fabrication facilities. Also he has served as an expert witness in litigation cases and appeared before the Workers’ Compensation Commission, EEOC, Employment Commission and civil courts. Read more...



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