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Our Vision

Provide safety services that will preserve families, save and enhance lives. 


How: through the values of Honesty, Integrity and Christian virtues while espousing the safety culture concept of “Zero Injury” as an operational norm.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring to business at large all the critical information that is available, tried, tested and proven, in easily usable formats that yields a zero employee injury outcome each and everyday. We call it “The Zero Injury Safety Leadership Concept.”


We did not invent this concept but have examined the available research and have found through application experience that those who use these findings properly will discover employee injury in your firm becoming a very rare event.


ZII Products

  • Corporate wide safety culture interventions

  • Project Safety culture interventions

  • Senior Corporate Leadership safety evaluations and education 

  • Corporqate Safety sub-culture assessments 

  • Introductory Zero Injury Concept presentations

  • Employee zero injury training products

  • "All employee" safety culture perception surveys


Our Profit

In two words “Preserved Families”. First and foremost we consider less injuries as our profit, for if we are not successful in assisting you in lowering your injury rates through the use of the “Zero Injury Safety Leadership Concept” then we will have failed.


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