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Over the past 20 years CII has commission an additional five task forces to do research into the zero injury concepts. Emmitt has taken results from all the research and created a copyrighted software based Safety Culture Assessment instruments. In 1995 Emmitt met and served as a consultant to Bennett Ghormley, Sr. who was then Safety Director of a major Texas based contractor, “S&B E&C.” IN the late 1990’s S&B set a North America record for hours worked with zero lost time injures at 30,000,000. S&B later achieved over 100,000,000 with just three LTI’s. Over the years Emmitt and Bennett have frequently worked together on zero injury educational presentations.


While employed by Shell Oil Company, he was Shell’s representative to The Business Roundtable ** Construction Committee where he served as Committee Chairman for two years. Additionally in 1988 he served as Co-Chairman of The Center for Construction Education, at Texas A&M University.

In 2009 Emmitt and Bennett founded the Zero Injury Institute (ZII). Nelson Consulting, Inc. (NCI) now frequently functions in a lead role as an associate of ZII. Bennett who is now retired owns and operates Zero Injury Consultants, Inc. (ZIC) of League City, TX.  The three entities operate as “The Zero Injury Associates” with the lead role being either NCI in or ZIC.

The best of NCI clients achieve over 1,000,000 work hours with zero Recordables. At least two construction contractors (both clients) in the USA have completed over 4,000,000 work hours, company or district wide with Zero Recordable injuries.  

Emmitt is a B.S. graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.


In 1999 he was honored with the “Construction Industry Safety Excellence” award by the Business Roundtable.  

In 2000 he was honored for his construction industry wide contribution to safety excellence with election to membership in The National Academy of Construction.*  

In 2003 he was honored by being named an “Outstanding Instructor of the Year” by The Construction Industry Institute. ***

In 2013 he was given the ECC**** Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in Zero Injury

* The National Academy of Construction is an independent professional organization whose new members are elected to the NAC through nomination by and balloting of the current members. NAC honors construction industry leaders whose professional career over a period of years has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the improved effectiveness of the engineering and construction industry in the USA. Emmitt was elected in recognition of his leadership in the research into how zero employee injury is achieved and for his continuing industry wide advocacy in construction of the Zero Employee Injury Safety Management Concept.

** The Business Roundtable (BRT) is made of about 200 of the largest businesses in the USA. The CEO’s of member companies make up the BRT. Senior “Member Company” executives make up the several committees that function under the umbrella of the BRT. The Construction Committee was one such committee engaged in creating a more efficient construction industry in the USA. This committee functioned from 1972 to 2000, a period of 28 years. During this time the BRT Construction Committee completed a number of significant industry changing accomplishments. One of these was the CICE (Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness Project,) another was the CISE (Construction Industry Safety Excellence) awards. The latter was implemented while Emmitt was Chairman of this committee.

*** The Construction Industry Institute (CII) conducts research for the purpose of making the American Construction industry more effective in the world marketplace. The members of CII are owners that use and the contractors that provide America with construction services. There are about 80 – 90 members at any one time, about one half owners and one half contractors. The institute is affiliated with The University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

**** Engineering, Construction, Contracting Now in its 46th year, the annual ECC conference provides executives and decision makers from across North America and around the globe with the opportunity to interact with industry thought leaders and peers. This 2 – day conference includes world-class keynote speakers, plenary sessions on trends and strategies, breakout forums on specific topics, social events, and extensive opportunities for networking. The program is entirely new each year, reflecting the rapid changes in the global economy and the engineering construction industry, and ensuring that topics are timely and reflect the latest thought leadership.


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