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Refinery Maintenance

In early January 2011 a mid-sized maintenance contactor began to utilize the Certification Training in their turnaround maintenance in a large Texas Refinery. The contractor required all employees who worked on the job, staff and hourly, leaders and the craft to take the certification modules prior to reporting to work on site. The contractor also held zero injury kickoff sessions with all employees including hourly employees. Speaking at the sessions were top company leaders who attended and spoke at all sessions. The Safety Training Director then made a 2 hour presentation on the company’s efforts to guard the health and well-being of each employee through the zero injury safety culture building process.

The company completed all 2011 maintenance work while performing at the zero recordable level with over 1.6 million hours being worked recordable free.

The Zero Injury Institute Congratulates this contractor.


Ontario Power Generation Project

Testimony after one week Aug 13-17 NCI culture intervention at Ontario Power Generation Project, Received Aug 19, 2012


The positive comments are still pouring from your visit to the LMRP site. I have some plans for this Pledge of Honor that will hopefully capture the attention of the rest of the site as it did with our group!

We are looking at all the info gathered and have appointed responsible people for all areas that need attention. We will not be able to eat this elephant overnight but we are all chewing away.

Thanks again to you, Ben and Emmitt for an amazing presentation. Well done!


LMRP Project Safety Director


Kiewit Central Infrastructure District 

The following received in April 2014 on the occasion of the Kiewit Central Infrastructure District exceeding one million hours with zero OSHA recordable injuries.


Emmitt - hope all is well.  Just wanted to share our progress and accomplishment!  You had a big part in helping us turn the ship.  


Thanks for your help!!

John Cloutier

District Safety Director

Kiewit South Central Infrastructure District


John, I am delighted to see your progress and thank you for letting me know. As we say in our presentations, “We are the messengers and you are the achievers which is a much harder task than pointing the way.” Bennett and I, along with all our associates who had a role congratulate you. Would you allow us to place your South Central District in our Zero Injury Safety Hall of Honor for your one million hour plus record? See attached. Emmitt


Field Safety Manager


Dear Mr. Ghormley:  In early 2010 you introduced me and the management team to ZII and the concept of making Zero a reality instead of just an idea or a wish. That introduction led us to the ZII training which took us on a journey to see how Zero becomes the tool that takes Zero from a wish or a hope to making it our reality.

Since that day we have taken all that we learned from the craft level to the top management level and have taken it to every site that we work.

The difference it has made at our work site has been phenomenal, it is sometimes hard to describe as it has affected us in so many ways with the biggest change is, we no longer wish and hope that no one gets hurt, it is a true expectation as we go through our daily work that no one will be hurt.

One of the most exciting things for me as a Safety Professional is even when we have a Near Miss, we don’t look for who did something wrong, we come together as a team,  a family if you will, and look to see how we can change to prevent a reoccurrence of that Near Miss.

It makes going to work fun that I have the opportunity to work with men and women; , all who expect to go home safe at the end of the day.

In short, thank you for taking a hope and giving us the tool to turn it into a reality.


Terry Boer

Field Safety Manager

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