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What we do


Zero Injury Associates are dedicated to assisting corporate leaders to rally their safety team's program result to one where zero injury is the outcome. It does not matter where you are in performance; by interviewing a cross section of your personnel we will be able to show you exactly where effort is needed to re-create and re-charge the safety culture enthusiasm to where extrended numbers of hours are worked without OSHA Recordable injuries.


What we look for

It has been proven that safety success is heavily dependent on three factors:1. Routine top leadership communication of their vision of zero at-risk behavior executed work; 2. The use of a set of research backed and activated leading safety indicators; and 3. The presence of employee safety knowledge at all levels in your organization pertaining to the use of these proven leading safety indicators. In short: “Safety performance correlates with safety knowledge!”


Why it works so well

ZII uses a proprietary “in-house” software format with safety focused leading indicator content based on the “zero injury” research of the Construction Industry Institute, Austin, Texas. The software format was created and the content is kept current by Emmitt J. Nelson, PE, a Shell Oil retiree who served as Chairman of the first CII task force exploring the question of.“ Why some contractors can work a million hours and more without a recordable injury while others cannot?”


How we do it

ZII associates will interview a sample cadre of employees from selected employee groups: (for construction) top leaders, superintendents, foremen and crafts. Craft employees are randomly selected to ensure a statistically sound data base is acquired.


We visit your work sites with a safety intervention process that will evaluate your safety culture and create safety metrics that give leaders the opportunity to analyze and retrofit your safety program based on teh zero injury research. The leading indicator safety techniques and processes used were found to strengthen current safety cultures. The process used enlists your current line leaders using our interview metrics report card in creating a path forward plan to where zero injury will be your routine daily safety outcome.


The importance of people factors

During the days with you we will lead your leadership team in a relationship building workshop. During our process employees will become a part of your safety culture to the degree they actually become co-owners of the change process.


Leader Vision and Follow-up

Leaders with daily exhibited enthusiasm for and support of creating a zero at risk behavior workplace is vital to success. 



Once your zero culture is in place you sustain the culture by ensuring all new employees are brought up to speed on “our” safety culture. ZII offeres  computer based training modules for all employees, all leader and workers alike have zero injury modules available via the Houston Area Safety Council.


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