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What Zero Injury Means

Using the term “Zero Injury” does not mean we will never have another injury! But it does mean we never want another injury!


In light of that fact we could then embrace the notion that we will set our “goal” at Zero Injury.” But the Zero Injury Concept does not allow injury goal setting; the concept asks you to “commit” to doing all you can to avoid the “root cause” of injury.


Why not a “goal” of zero?


The answer lies in the fact that in our new safety culture we want to go beyond tradition. Traditionally a “goal” is something we will “try” to accomplish. 


You see “committing to achieve zero” is a stronger position than merely setting a “goal to achieve zero.”


“Why so?” you may ask. Here’s an illustration:


In life we readily embrace a “personal devotion to our loved ones” that we will be totally engaged in protecting them from harm. Our engagement is not a goal; but is a “personal commitment.”


In creating a zero injury safety outcome we simply say “I am doing whatever it takes to stop the use of at-risk behavior in execution of our work.”



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